Calling all Vegan Recipes!

Believe it or not, I'm nearly to my final week, a.k.a. POWER VEGAN WEEK! It's going to start on the 23rd and end on the 30th---so I need as many dairy free recipes I can get my hands on to fill the void that is veganism.

Please comment with any meals you really like, or other suggestions on how to forget how delicious mozzarella cheese. OR words of encouragement to get me through this.


  1. I love these caribbean black beans with a homemade mango salsa, but they're almost as good with jarred fruit salsa. Find that recipe here

    There is a bunch of stuff on the Moosewood Website and it's probably all good. The jerk tofu looks especially interesting!

  2. Teresa, I gave up cheese for Lent. It was super hard at first, but then it kinda became a game. And after giving it up for a while, I was surprised that I find myself not eating as much cheese now—-I didn't go buck-wild when it was all over. This is quite an undertaking, and I wish you luck!